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Can't get pain medicine either. Options: Harass ER admissions with no results, wait on them to transfer the patient in the system and have the patient complain that you let them sit in excruciating pain for hours, or go around the system and custom inventory it then get in trouble for not pulling the medication out under their name that isn't in the system yet. Oh, nursing!

from Scrubs Magazine

Our 5 favorite nursing memes on Tumblr this week

Today I had almost gotten the baby to sleep when suddenly my toddler started crying. She’s a sensitive soul, and sadly cries the exact same whether her arm has been torn off by a rogue bear or her sister took her favorite toy. So needless to say when I heard her cries I wasn’t sure. …

Why yes I do marathons... Called the 12.5 hour nursing shift run thrice weekly. | Workplace Ecard |