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How to Attract Bats to Your Garden

How to Attract Bats to Your Garden in 5 Steps. Why you ask? Bats eat mosquitos. All good in my book. WELCOME BATS


How to Start a Backyard Farm -

How to Start a Backyard Farm: There are so many options for small space homesteading! This covers space saving gardening, small livestock, foraging, and more.

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DIY Potting Tables And Benches

DIY 19 Budget Friendly Potting Benches !

Bat houses benefit bats, you, your family, communities, farmers, gardeners and the ecosystem as a whole. •Bat houses give bats a home and in turn they will eat thousands of insects. •Bat houses give bats an alternative to our houses thus reducing the chance of human to bat contact. •Bat populations have decreased significantly (especially with WNS) and bat houses can help provide secure habitat. •Bat houses provide a safe home for bats and are educational and fun for the whole family.Plans…

How to Attract Bats. Despite their contribution to Halloween folklore, bats are one of the most beneficial creatures in nature. They’re voracious insectivores with an appetite for mosquitoes and many other flying pests. To invite bats to share your space, all you need is a cedar bat house (22 in. high, 15 in. wide and 3-1/2 in. deep) hung in a high place.

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Budget Backyard: 10 Ways to Use Cheap Concrete Cinder Blocks Outdoors

includes a fire pit for cheap! Budget Backyard: 10 Ways to Use Cheap Concrete Cinder Blocks Outdoors

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Dog Friendly Decks: Natural, Dog Safe Mosquito Control

Help keep bugs at bay with the 6 dog-friendly mosquito repellent plants and our other handy tips.

Bat houses to keep the bugs at bay....we have them anyway but they have no cute house. Maybe more will move in?

Use Bats To Combat Your Yard’s Mosquito Population Cool! We totally did this! And we now have thousands of Small Brown Bats living in their box on our barn. It's so cool.