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This is a BIG Deal for any pup! 50% off Med/Lg Elk Antler #dog chews TODAY ONLY! #dogtreats #allnatural

All Babies Need A Teddy Bear -- Even Horses ... from ... The FUN site for Animal Lovers

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cat and fish

"Animal rights provokes hostility from the arrogant people who enjoy power over animals, from the insecure who boost themselves by demeaning and exploiting animals, and from the guilty who don't want to confront their ignorance and implication in violence against animals." - Dr. Steve Best

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Dog Adopts Baby Chimpanzee

Unlikely friends! This amazing slideshow tells of many uncommon friendships in the animal world, including this one between a cheetah and a lab. #unlikelyfriends #dogs #cats #animals #animalstories #greatanimals

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an unlikely friendship ♥


Some cats find unusual homes. (Cats to dog: "Please don't move!"

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Comfy perch!