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Indoor Clouds! Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde controls the weather and creates beautiful indoor clouds with the help of a smoke machine. Fog machine emits dense vapor / smoke that makes contact with sprayed water and forms small white cloud. Miniature cloud floats through the room and quickly disappears.

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

1500 Scissors Shockingly Suspended from the Ceiling

Beili Liu - The mending

My Modern Metfrom My Modern Met

Computational Portraits Visually Translate a State of Limbo

artist Andre Wee constructs figurative and metaphoric representations of limbo in his series titled Forming and Fragmenting. The artist interprets this collection of work as "An experience of being of two different states at the same time and yet, not belonging to either" and refers to the subjects' disposition as being in "an eternal state of transition."

E. St. Laurentfrom E. St. Laurent

Artist Ann Veronica Janssens

Ann Veronica Janssens #Perception CLLC. color, spectrum, fog, gradient, installation, #art, cube #installation BTW, check out this FREE AWESOME ART APP for mobile: Get Inspired!!!

Daniel Firman   :: Paris-based artist, Daniel Firman is known for his realistic and bold sculptures that quite frequently challenge his audience's interpretive skills. Over the past ten years, Firman's work has been shown all over the world and is a household name for those who frequent the Galerie Perrotins in Paris.

Yatzerfrom Yatzer

Henrique Oliveira Talks to

Henrique Oliveira