Portrait photographs of people around the world from the photographer Eric Lafforga (Eric Lafforgue), from France.

Eric Lafforgue - Pokot girl with giant necklace - Kenya

Laos | Yao (aka. Mien) child. | © Eric Lafforgue .................... #GlobeTripper® | https://www.globe-tripper.com | "Home-made Hospitality" | http://globe-tripper.tumblr.com/

Photo taken by Eric Lafforgue | Papua New Guinea , Highlands, Mount Hagen festival singsing

Hamer Tribe Woman, Turmi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue.

Child from Omo tribe with flowers, omo, korcho, Ethiopia |

Anuak Tribe Girl , Gambela, Ethiopia. Eric Lafforgue.

The success of human life can be measured by the number of grand children. For human life to be successful, it is not enough just to have kids. You must raise kids, who would be willing to extend your family line. If you have one or more grand children, your life is a success.

Ethiopian Karo tribe woman - Many tribes in the Mediteraninan and Middle East wore/wear all their Dowry as jewelry and is worn almost all the time..therefore always having it with them. It was an advertisement as to whether she had a rich family or not, making her more desirable. And, of course, as an adornment to enhance their beauty.

Mucawana Tribe Girl, Ruacana, Namibia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

Samburu woman profile - Kenya By Eric Lafforgue :: The Samburu is closely related to the Maasai.

Oman | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Papua Islands | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Windy day in Zanzibar by Eric Lafforgue

Afar tribe girl, Assaita, Ethiopia http://www.projects-abroad.co.uk/volunteer-destinations/ethiopia/

Zebras, Kenya. Ericlafforgue.com

Papua New Guinea | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Eritrea Lafforgue by Eric Lafforgue, via Flickr

Oman | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Oman | Eric Lafforgue Photography

Miss Domoget, Bodi Tribe Woman With Headband, Hana Mursi, Omo Valley, Ethiopia | Flickr - Photo Sharing!