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Everyday. I may not be a country girl but I lived the majority of my life gettin down and dirty.

Isn't this the truth! but it's taken me this long not to care about what you think of me and be happy with me and I am only going forward....everyone may not know me, not know what is going on 24/7 in my life and if you find yourself talking about me based off of your opinions and judgement that's all it is YOUR JUDGEMENT S etc...too old to care:)

Never trust a guy that don't like to fish, ain't ever got mud on the tires, can't shoot a gun or won't shake your Daddy's hand. #Truth

Got a rebel heart a country mile wide. There's a little bit of devil in her angel eyes

Trade in your Coach purse for some Mossy Oak, your BMW for a pickup truck, your high heels for some Cowgirl boots and your high class man for a good ole country boy, Trust me Princess....You'll love it.