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The Workout Dilemma Caswell! Because we never have that feeling!

Funny Confession Ecard: I realize that I am highly educated and have an expansive vocabulary, but sometimes the most appropriate thing to say is OMG. lol so true


that's what my BMI chart said last year in health when we looked at our charts.im too short but im the perfect weight

Funny Confession Ecard: Ladies-that awkward moment when you realize that sitting on that nasty toilet was a better alternative than the piss trail left on your leg.

run for your life

If I ever had to run for my life, I would probably die. HAHAH My husband told me this yesterday. He yelled RUN SAVE YOURSELF and i looked back to see what we were running from first! He said running is your death trap uummm yup

Haha yes so true well there’s more too it than that but you know

Pretty much sums it up, except I don't like Starbucks or wine and girls nights are annoying haha

Been there.

Free and Funny News Ecard: You know you're from the if you remember being disappointed when the CD's leaflet didn't have the lyrics to the songs. How else were you going to learn that damn line on track

NUTRIVISE INSIDER DIET TIP #7: 5 easy ways to avoid eating your feelings!

INSIDER DIET TIP #7: 5 easy ways to avoid eating your feelings!

Funny Cry for Help Ecard: I'm eating my feelings and they taste delicious.