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Rotolo di tacchino con salsa al parmigiano

Scaloppine di pollo mediterranee

Tender, juicy Grilled honey Sriracha Orange Chicken marinated and smothered in the most tantalizing sweet heat orange sauce you cant even imagine! #orangechicken #sriracha #grilledchicken #honey #orange

Roasted Quail w/Orange Tarragon Glaze. I'd prefer a Cornish Game Hen...cmd

Mozzarella-Stuffed Chicken Parm Meatballs! All the flavors of chicken parmesan in a fun-to-eat bite! | blog.hostthetoast...

Perfect Meatloaf: "This is the best meatloaf I've ever made — absolutely rave reviews. I cant imagine anyone saying they didn't like it!" -thousandislandsgirl

fried chicken: Entertaining w/ Nikisha

Filetto di vitello al pepe fiorito con fonduta di formaggio alle rose

French Beef Stew with Red Wine

The original and the best! This recipe for Paula Deens Meatloaf is light and tasty and the zesty sauce is just perfect.

Chicken breast fillets baked with cherry tomatoes and serrano ham.

Chicken, red bell pepper and baby new potatoes roast

Stuffed pork rolls in prosciutto

Prosciutto wrapped chicken breast in sautéed tomatoes sauce

Beef and Guinness stew with mushrooms. Served with spicy sweet potato purée.

Turkey stuffed mushrooms baked with cheddar

Minced turkey pie

Duck braised in orange juice

Polish style minced meat cutlets served with potato puree and fried grated beets

Chicken, potato and white beans casserole. With capers, black olives and garlic.

Rabbit in red wine sauce

Turkey breast filled with dried plums wrapped in prosciutto in red wine and plum sauce

Pork tenderloin rolls in prosciutto stuffed with dried plums and camembert in red wine and plum sauce. Served with rocket, tangerine and red grapes salad.

Bigos. Sauerkraut, kiełbasa (sausage) and meat stew. Traditional Polish dish.

Beef stew with red wine and porto