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Zerorez alkaline water has a pH of 12 to That means it is more alkaline than soap (usually at 9 or pH), which means Zerorez alkaline water cleans far better than soap. Use alkaline water to clean your home instead! 1 866 Zerorez or Zerorez Socal

How many ounces of water can you drink in a day! What is YOUR daily recommended intake of water! Here is your assignment! I want you to take your body weight and divide that in half. That is how many ounces you should aim for each day. Figure that out and drink away!

Water is a healing element for our bodies, these tips give us an extra incentive to drink water through out the day! (photo from Facebook General Knowledge)

Drink More Water: Get your Skinny Fiber here>>

Great info on why water is so great for you! If you need something to challenge you for the next few months, try to change what you drink in a day. It has really worked for me these last few weeks and I can't wait to see the long-term benefits!