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    When the girls are teenagers, this sign will simply get a nodding to and they will stop being nuts ... wishful thinking.

    SOOOOO Me!!!!! Unless it's chilly cold and there is a snuggle opportunity.

    I can be very sarcastic and sassy. It's when its simultaneously when you have no idea what to believe any more.

    haha. sad but true. When I'm in front of my closet picking an outfit there's a list of questions that I make to me,myself and I.... This is always on my mind!!! hahahahaha ... tht's funny stuff

    This. And the fact that it's way too dark outside. (While in reality I'd love to meet old friends and get to know those I don't know so well)

    I've definitely done this...multiple times

    then realizing when the person watches it, they are going to laugh really hard, rewind it, call other people over, and watch it again. All while you stand there like a statue grinning like an idiot.

    I almost cried because of these things that make adult-me happy. I don't want to grow up!

    Some people will watch a movie to undwind. And some of us just go on Pinterest for 2 hours instead. | Confession Ecard |