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I am going to enter the Washington Post Magainze peeps diorama peeps contest next year! I love this one...they all make me smile :)

Hunger Games fans Isabelle and Benjamin Keppler, both 9 of Chevy Chase, created this diorama with help from mom, Dianne Keppler. At the opening ceremony of the Hunger Peeps, Peepniss and Peepta are in a chariot, costumes aflame, before an audience of Capital citizens. President Snow and the Games Master stand at the balcony. #PEEPS

The Peepstones - peeps - peeps dioramas - peep parody - flinstones #peeps

Potter Peeps! (Quidditch pitch peeps diorama) - OCCASIONS AND HOLIDAYS

“Alice in Peepland” Peeps Diorama - peeps - peeps dioramas - peep parody #peeps

May the odds be ever in your favour!

4/2/2012 Hunger Games Cupcakes 1 by unmacaronrose, via Flickr - When the movie comes out on DVD I am sooo having a viewing party and making these :D

Hunger Games!! Still looking for a Mockingjay pin though!