• Charleen Stover

    hahaha. elementary school. #lol #90s #school #kids #toys

  • Clarissa De Santiago

    don't say you never smelled the heck out of those as a child. I always loved the cherry and had this fugly bloody nose thing going on haha

  • awethentic style

    Mr. Sketch scented markers. We actually sniffed these things!

  • Ashlee Hall

    funny to me because my lab partner in tech ed drew a scented marker mustache on himself when I dared him to the other day...

  • Jennifer Dooley

    Childhood memories... lololol

  • Crystal Butler

    This pretty much sums up elementary school. Did nothing but smell these things.

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LOVED these

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Holly Hobbie

if you grew up in the 80s youll remember these!

3-2-1 Contact magazine! This was my fave when I was a kid. Wish it was still around.

Remember these from the '80s? Us kids were putting the in our hair and clipping them to our purses or clothes. Our parents did other things with them, lol. Want some. Yeah, I'd wear them!


1970s Tupperware I had this set

I had lots of fun with mine. Was a "teaching aid" in my "classroom" of stuff animal students.

Little people boat house. I totally remember those lawn chairs