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  • Nickoletta Irene

    My best friend is really my soul sister

  • Emily Murphy

    Best Friend Memories: pin sent to me from my bestie / sis by heart ~ Adrianne

  • Nikki M

    @Tera Browning Cline forever my best friend; forever my. sister. You're always in my heart. Miss you more and more every single day. ❤️

  • Kayokoko Swimwear

    Best friends? More like sisters! #BestFriends #friendship #quote #friendshipquote #girly #friends

  • Cheyenne Bowersock

    My BFF @LiveAwesomeness and I are definitely "sisters by heart". It is her birthday today and I want everyone to know how sweet and special and awesome and truly amazing she is! Please follow @LiveAwesomeness, who is my "sister by heart".Please like this pin. Every like this pin gets is one happy birthday to @LiveAwesomeness! Happy birthday @Liveawesomeness

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"A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart and will sing it back to you when you have forgotten the words."

AMEN.... cause without my friends I would be lost, cause family is not worth it..... Family who does not put the whole family first is pure sadness. Especially when family values are misplaced... Often in our family..

My best friend is more of a sister, than my real sister. Altought I do love her as well. Could not be truer

no matter what I will always love and be there for my lil sis I know that she is my friend for life ♥

And I have the best ❤️ Brooke Williams Kimball Cameron Daigle Wallace @Olivia García Brielle M. Ferreira Jones

Living a military lifestyle means many people come and go but the bond that is built in such a short time is amazing! I'm so thankful for my friends who have become my family.