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"Our 8 month old Springer Spaniel Abbie thought it was real too! It has a new home on the cubicle wall at work overlooking everyone. Fun in a not so small package! :-) Thank you Safari Ltd." Susan Hogan

Our new Pachyrhinosaurus stands proud atop his mountain of green vegetation in this great fan photo by Marc D posted on our Facebook wall.

This photo was posted on our Facebook wall of these new Incredible Creatures Hedgehogs playing with some strawberries. Send us your fan photo and pick out your Hedgehog today at

"I just couldn't decide what to wear. My sloppy ugly muumuu, or my ugly, sloppy, lazy pajama bottoms. So I figured I'd just wear them both and make a really cute little outfit."

This incredible #glowinthedark #dragon has a spellbinding effect when in "glow" mode! This was posted on our facebook wall by a fan. You can order this here at