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I wish I could post the full-sized version of this image. This illustrations is just incredible. I've seen no bar-room brawl more epic than this.


Another from Pathfinder. This is one of my favorite depiction of goblins.

Roberto Ricci

Stunning Illustrations by Greg Fromenteau www.BlickeDeeler.de |

Tristan x Isolde by *One-Vox on deviantART

stone dragon by *michalivan on deviantART

Michael Komarck Illustration

Fashion Illustration...Kathryn Trotter

JS Rossbach

Ekaterina Koroleva | Illustrator | bumbumbum - heart.

Wow, so lovely!

This is one fan-freaking-tastic image. I can't think of anywhere this would fit in my campaign, but I'm sure the opportunity will someday reveal itself.

While I don't play Paizo's Pathfinder, the game's art work is just incredible. D&D's artwork is epic and grand, but there's something about the storytelling in Pathfinder's artwork that I find very inspiring.

This image closely depicts one of the locales I've whipped up for my D&D campaign setting, the world of Xenotheia. Another image from Pathfinder, this seaside city is called Riddleport.


The chained specter's pose adds so much to this image. This presents so many questions to be answered in-game. Why the look of despair on the specter's face? What role does the wizard play in the scene? What is the source of the skulls crumbling off the left side of the image?


by ~ryuloulou

It's been a looooong time since I watched the 1977 Rankin-Bass animated adaptation of "The Hobbit." I'd forgotten that Smaug in the film has a bit of a vulpine look to him. I'll have to incorporate this visual into my campaign.

Yet another cool image from Devacurse. I know exactly how I'm going to work in this bad beastie... and I can hardly wait.