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Haha. This is sooo what my Millie would do if I didn't crate her when I leave the house!

idk why this is so funny, but maybe it will deter me from ever eating fried chicken again?

So true. You can say the sky is blue good lord if they want it to be purple that's how it's going to be.

Ha! One of the best lines from Bridesmaids!

Someday my prince will come... Maybe tomorrow, maybe in five years... Good things come to those who wait.

Mustache Pacifier! I'm not into the whole mustache craze...but this is hilarious. New babies look like little old men anyways, why not slap a stache on.

"BOING!". Just realized we don't have a single one of these in our house. Oh, what my children are missing out on! Lol

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Whoever Wrote This Graffiti Is A Genius! So funny!

coolest dad ever :D TX BABY!