Quote by Christina Scalise for Motivation Monday: Organization Is About Improving Your Overall Quality of Life. Check it out. #organization #organize #clutter

sounds like a good policy to me

If only more people understood this.

Organization Idea - cheap way to organize bills, mail, coupons, etc

Now isn't that the truth, people??

You can never be overdressed or over educated - Oscar Wilde

You are only going to be as good as the people you surround yourself with so be BRAVE enough to LET GO of those who keep WEIGHING you DOWN. Love this because it's so true.♡

Ain't that the truth... its true those that have insecurities themselves tend to break down others.. too many ugly ppl in this world..Dont be one of them..everyone is fighting a battle of their own. Love,Patience, and Respect. Be kind to one another.


Picked this up in Omaha over Labor Day weekend. Hanging in my living room now - love, love, love the quote.

I think I've said this

YES! Well almost the greatest... Having wonderful children and grandchildren is the greatest pleasure in my life...

Tips for getting motivated to organize

Life's Short

I'm not into organized religion but I can appreciate her wisdom.

Focus on what's infront of you.