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    Well, Cockle-doodle-do to you, too! ♥♥♥ Previous pinner posted: Meet Mr.Rooster Head On

    Beautiful Mr. Rooster. I may have already pinned this but it looks like the rooster I had the neighbors dog took out! :(

    Dad built me a chicken house and I had 10 chickens. I would sit out in the yard with them and play, building "swimming pools" and hypnotizing them with a straight line!

    Guarding his hens...they say not to get a rooster but there is something about the way he protects that really makes me want one.

    Wow now that is one handsome Rooster! So that's what he looks like whose feathers I use to make all kinds of Home Decor! Exquisite! Thanks Mr. Rooster!

    Mr. Rooster I needed such a fellow in my mental graphics library when I was taking Ruth Barth's classes. (Lucky me!) But he deserves a few ganglia even now.

    Mean rooster . . .everytime I went thru the chicken yard to the outhouse at grandpa's his rooster would chase me. One morning he chased me thru the chicken yard, over the fence, thru the backyard, up the back steps and specked at the back door after I ran thru. That evening we had him for dinner but I couldn't bring myself to eat him even if he was mean.

    We just don't often think of Roosters when we think of beautiful birds. But hey, look at this little guy.

    Great looking rooster! Sooooooooooooooo very handsome!!!!

    say hello to my little friend... he's like the chicken mob boss. (it's a boy Gab... also pinterest won't let me tag you. boo)