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Algiers excite me because of their depth and intimacy while reflecting the times around them in instrumentation, too. The best music is an echo of the past, a slice of the present and a vision of the future. Or something.

Infinitely enjoyable music from a genuinely thrillingly inventive band. They keep reinventing their own wheel, always better

Praise be for Modest Mouse. This is great. It's also reminding me of my good friend Lewis Murray A.K.A Fishing For Crabs a lot...

Yeah, so what if there are a few familiar faces here?? Annie is our Bowie. This is a stunning rendition.

This band is the first in a long while where I can't just say 'they're new and decent, but they're not really grabbing me the way great bands should'. They do. They write with skill, attitude and character in a way that's lacking in a lot of new bands. They're trying to carve their niche and please, please let this be what they inspire in others.

Discovered this version of a title track that isn't even on the album of that title. It's sick.

I can't wait for this album to arrive at my house so I can overplay it before getting annoyed with it and then coming back to it a month later still in love with it... Like every other TVOTR album ever.

This is old, but it is the thing that made me aware of a guitar. Plus it made me realise people with weird voices can still also sing

Can't quite believe I've not posted anything here from these guys - one of the best bands in the U.K in my opinion. Really looking forward to hearing new stuff!

The Witch Hunt are incredible and a hell of a lot more people really should know a lot more about them. A band that seems to get only better and better. And they're dead nice people, too!

I might be wrong, but this sounds like Caribou has sampled Foals. Spanish Sahara? Either way, it is fucking great.

This is incredible and you should get to know it! The vocals aren't perfect, but I find it even more endearing as a result. Very pissed off to have missed them live recently...

This album is going to become an instant companion. I am intending on begging on bended knee to support them in November at my place of work... So thrilled to have discovered this band as there's finally a collective of minds making music with more or less the exact motives I have. Wild Beasts and Explosions In The Sky come close, but these guys are doing pretty much exactly it.

Embarrassingly, I've only just discovered The Antlers ahead of their new album. I got told I write music that has elements of what they do sonically, which interested me a lot - the use of Eventide stuff is pretty rare! Thought I were a right original guy 'til now ha...

Woah. The Horrors basically continue to improve with every step. Inspiration is boundless with these chaps, it seems...

This is so good. I love the don't give a fuck how honest I am being attitude, the chorus head rush, the constant badass guitarness - that post-chorus riff?! Annie is my only guitar hero really

OOOFFHH! That riff! This woman is powerful! Such an exceptional talent

Sneaky new Yeasayer song that as a generally non-gamer type I'd not have known about. Those stealthy Yeasaying fellows!

So, why exactly isn't this on the new album Arctic pals?

The best live band I've seen in 2013 in terms of technical ability and fun right here! I love this band so much right now.

Dancing Years have made one of the most beautiful and poignant songs I've heard in ages here.

One of the greatest bands to come out of studies in Leeds in a very, very long time. A fruitful environment for creativity, my homelands, apparently! I get to gig with them in November. Win.

The coolest thing Arctic Monkeys have ever done, in my not very humble opinion!

An outstanding local band who represent British Rock music as a beautiful, aggressive, elegant and eloquent artform

Hey Sholay are one of a small bunch of 'new' bands that actually excite and interest me. It's because they make music that is actually good, absorbing and fun - not the posturing, poserish rubbish that seems to be in fashion lately...