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who ever said windows need to look a certain way?

Russian windows, what an interesting combination of materials (log cabin, tin roof, a very ornate windows)


Lots of color. Victorian architecture lends itself well to highly creative paint schemes because there are so many distinct ornamental elements that can be painted different colors.

My kind of "window treatment"

white window with lace. I love the window and the curtains, but my OCD would go crazy over the paint job~


Beautiful window with stain-glass and wonderful trim work. If you have any questions at all about windows or doors, feel free to contact us - just answers, no sales (unless that's what you're asking for :-)

photo ... paned window on a yellow wall ... red window sill with a rooster ... some folliage ...

I imagine the rooster saying, "Wake UP you lazy Girl!" I love this because I work in the country and every morning I arrive at work, there is, indeed, a rooster crowing in a Leescreek chicken yard.

#pink #france

Pink Wall - Oppede le Vieux (Provence), France

We're painting the outer walls, just like the Pink Wall - Oppede le Vieux (Provence), in France. I love the way the sun changes the colors all day.

Рисуем мир   Клавиатура, «мышка», монитор… Тетрадь в линейку, гелевая ручка…  Перо, бумага – письменный набор  Мы выбираем времени созвучно.   Плетём стихов пленительную вязь  И нерушимым остаётся это –  Между веками крепко держат связь Посредством слов и образов поэты.   И эта связь действительно крепка –  Не разорвать магические звенья! Используя богатство языка  Рисуем мир палитрой вдохновенья!    Автор Евгения Шарова    #JamAdvice #Вдохновение #Стихи #Осень

Autumn ivy balcony, Paris, France This is a beautiful window. I chose a board to display it where it won't be shown as it should be.I should have chosen a floral board.

Blue & pink window

colour pallet - pink and aqua: lovely window framed in blossoms. love the lace curtains

Flowered Balcony, Paris, France  bluepueblo:photo via diane

╰⊰✿ Window boxes ✿ bluepueblo: balcony in Paris Flowered Balcony, Paris, France by inlovewithberni Beautiful