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Too cool...get a bowl of water, pour little bits of all the different shades you want, it should float on the top, swirl with a toothpick or something like it and when it looks like you want on top of the water, then dip your nails through the water.

Tie Dye Nails: Get a bowl of water Pour little bits of all the different shades you want (it should float on the top) Swirl with a toothpick, (Until it looks how you want) Then dip your nails through the water.

protect your wet nails!!!!

Nails in Motion Nail Protector -- . this nail protection kits brings you the perfect solution for protecting your manicure while waiting for your nails to dry.not a bad idea.

Cracked feet cream: 90g white toothpast+ 100 ml glycerin+ 50 ml any oil (olive, almond, grape seed, ect.). Use it at night with a sock on. It is sticky but it works

Treating sore, cracked and stinky feet: Take the dead skin right off. All you need is shaving cream and Listerine. I'll have to try this one! Great to know for flip-flop season.

Have to do it

if u thinking of how could do a flag designs. Find out 30 diy American flag nail art designs. Cute and easy to make american flag nails, Photos, Tutorials.

Top Ten Beauty Ideas Of 2013 - Hairspray and Highheels

Top Ten Beauty Ideas Of 2013

Didn't work on the kids. DIY Gel Nails - Hairspray and Highheels. Seriously that top coat is LIFE CHANGING! Thanks for suggesting it Amber Russo!


Tutorial: How to fix a broken finger nail. Not sure what type of (nail band-aid)

DIY Glitter Nail Polish....where has this been all my life?

DIY sparkle nail polish what a great idea! Just use some clear finger nail polish, and load it up with your fav fine glitter and get colors no one else has thought of!