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Robert Dudley, 1553, carved into the wall of Beauchamp Tower when he was held in the Tower of London following the Lady Jane Grey incident. She was married to his brother Guildford.

"Jane" carved into the wall of a room in the Beauchamp Tower in the Tower of London. It is believed (no absolute proof available) that it was carved by Guildford Dudley, husband of Lady Jane Grey. They were both executed (along with a number of other people) for trying to put Jane on the throne.

Robert Dudley Tower of London Carving Robert Dudley's time in the Tower must have been a terrifying ordeal. In 1554, he was arraigned at Guildhall, and on a charge of of high treason, found guilty, and condemned to be hanged, drawn, and quartered. He remained in the Tower, condemned, and certainly unsure whether the current day would be his last, for a year. Finally, he and his two brothers, Ambrose and Henry, were set free by Queen Mary.