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Guided Reading Games and Activities for Comprehension


This is a great chart to use during writing instruction. It maps out the important things that all writing needs to have in a clear and concise manner (it could use a little color though!). This chart could help save the teacher from having to verbally remind students or mark on homework when grading for written work. Maggie Gomberg.

Classroom Noise Level Chart Assign a Student Job to maintain the chart. Might be a good idea for a loud student to be in charge of it. by MindyBurnett

Daily 5 choices - I like how there's a spot for each clothespin so there's never a mix up of too many students at one station

Managing guided reading groups. flexible. visual for students (coloured to differentiate but not to "level")

Daily 5 Check In Sheet (instead of the paper chart use the incentive charts and laminate and let students mark my their name with dry erase markers)

I came across this great blog post about Turning and Talking! Another area my kiddos struggle in. Check out this awesome poster/anchor chart that Mrs. Rios uses with her kiddos.