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megalodon tooth | Megalodon tooth - Unexplained Mysteries Image Gallery; nom, nom

Leviathan – I really wanted to cut all the creatures that I didn’t really like myself but only added because many other people crave them. There are enough other GIANT sea monsters in my game and I like Kraken’s much better.

Upper Jurassic underwater “forest” of Volga region. By NGZver


These Animal Jokes Are So Bad They’re GOOD…I’m Cracking Up!

Such beautiful creatures. And the baby elephant always makes me smile :) Check out all the best tips and tricks for eBay sellers on The best eBay blog on the net for BOLO lists, eBay How-To Guides, and more!

from Jurassic World

Guanlong : article sur ce dinosaure


Thalattoarchon saurophagis | Bus sized Triassic marine monster sheds light on ecosystems


Top 10 Terrifying Prehistoric Sea Monsters

Prehistoric shark that was about 15' long and called a 'Helicoprion' - Helicoprion ("Spiral Saw") was a long-lived genus of shark-like cartilaginous fish that first arose in the oceans of the late Carboniferous 310 million years ago, survived the Permian-Triassic Extinction Event, and eventually went extinct during the early Triassic, 225 million years ago.


Designart 'Yellow Cheerful Elephant' Animal Digital Art Metal Wall Art by DESIGN ART

Designart 'Yellow Cheerful Elephant' Animal Digital Art

Megalodon Granddaddy of the Great White