It is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring -- Marilyn Monroe. How I live my life :-)


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Marilyn when she was still Norma Jeane Baker :) She's so gorgeous!! Surprisingly, this is her natural hair color.

Brunette Marilyn, Age 15 A Norma Jeane poses in She is one year away from her first marriage and five years away from breaking into movies and changing her name to Marilyn Monroe.

These are natural & gorgeous. #MarilynMonroe #beach #photoshoot

Marilyn Monroe, photographed by George Barris, 1962

Love this never seen Marilyn Monroe closeup in the middle of a genuine laugh

Inspiration for beautiful white smile and strong teeth- Love this! ~ Marilyn Monroe Face Close UP. Look at those beautiful teeth.

Marilyn Monroe with dark  hair (gray tone)

Marilyn Monroe's Changing Looks

Marilyn Monroe with her natural hair color. The blond bombshell was also a Brunette bombshell. This was a model picture before she became Marilyn Monroe I do believe.

Marilyn and Elvis

Marilyn and Elvis

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