small gang


hahaha! bombdiggity....

oh man do i.

Hahahaha @h a l e y Petty


rebel t-shirt <3


Best friend - grateful for BFFs! #friendship #girlfriendgratitude

So true but not my style. Jus thought i would share, so the persons not being fake its jus wat u deserve

Very sexy! I love being in a crowd, finding him and when we meet eye-to-eye....even after 25 years, I can FEEL that he loves me and I feel so incredibly like HIS WOMAN

Also true... @Jamie Martin me lol

i never thought grocery shopping would be a vaca..but, alone, it is!

The best pain there is.

Best friends are always there to pick you up

@Steffanie Mathes badgett

there's 99.9 percent chance I am tired!

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