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MsMarmiteLover: Recipe: Union Jack Cake

Recipe: Union Jack Cake

Cake with a lot of chocolat

Ok boys and girls, are you ready to get chocolate wasted? Then this is the cake to make. It is actually called the Chocolate Wasted Cake ~ recipe attached ~ and it's not very hard to make. I believe you will be in a chocolate coma after you eat it.

layered PINK cake

25 Hue-filled Ombre Wedding Cakes

Brazo de gitano decorado ¡con un truco sorprendente! Aprende a hacer un brazo de gitano decorado con un sorprendente truco. Decora el bizcocho de tu brazo de gitano con este truco que te sorprenderá.

Brazo de gitano decorado ¡con un truco sorprendente