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How to Grow Butterfly Bushes

How to Grow Butterfly Bushes - Use these tips for growing and caring for your Butterfly Bush. It is an easy keeper and requires little water and can survive both hot summers and cold winters. Want to put these along the fence in back yard.

Companion Plants For Jasmine: What Grows Well With Jasmine Plants

Zinnia Care – How To Grow Zinnia Flowers By Becca Badgett (Co-author of How to Grow an EMERGENCY Garden) Image by Leonora Enking Zinnia flowers are a colorful and long lasting addition to the flower garden. When you learn how to plant zinnias for your area, you’ll be able to add this popular annual to sunny areas that benefit from their perky blooms. How to Grow Zinnia Plants Growing zinnia plants can be inexpensive, particularly when growing them from seed. Seeds of zinnia…

Want to try something different in the garden? ... Darmera peltata... (Indian rhubarb or umbrella plant) Leaves can grow up to 24" wide. Can grow in moist or even boggy soil.

25 Herbs, Vegetables & Plants You Can Grow In Water

10 Best Herbs You Can Grow In Water Peppermint – This is the most popular mint for medicinal uses because it contains high amounts of the volatile substance menthol. It gives a unique cooling sensation on the skin or tongue, but without actually causing any temperature variation. Growing peppermint in water is easy; just put fresh cuttings in water to grow new plants. Spearmint –… [read more]

Propagating Houseplants

You can enlarge your houseplant collection inexpensively by propagating the plants you already have, and you can also grow them from seed.