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Christmas Tree For Book Lovers

Beautiful Book Store

Get Grammar Girl's take on whether you are annoyingly redundant. Learn some common redundancies and how to avoid them.

"The Lion Sleeps Tonight" :) clever!

Deku Tree... or Weirwood? hmm

Beautiful creature.

reach for it....

Glass Dome Home in paper by Helen Musselwhite

Paper Castle

Russell Hendrie Kingston University


Midnight Blue Blooms, maybe Campanula, 'Bell Flower'; perennial; ok for shade, rock gardens & naturalize.

Recycle broken pots

A lovely Leafy Fairy shoe.

Google has unveiled an interactive Doodle to mark the 66th anniversary of the Roswell UFO incident.

I am a huge fan of retro Coca-Cola stuff. I actually have a book on the history of soda pop. Working in a bookstore was not good for me.