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Unions. Because if I had a nickel for every time a corporation decided to lower its profits to support the average worker, I would have zero nickels. Thanks to Working America for the graphic!

minimum wage, the 40 hour work week, child labor laws, the weekend, the middle class, workplace safety, and pensions... all because of unions

There wasn't always an 8 hour workday. That was fought for by unions for American workers. Support union by buying union, visit

Unions do a good job of protecting their members jobs.Union strong. United we bargain, divided, we beg. Unions Deserve our support. They gave us health insurance, sick pay, vacations, workers compensation and overtime pay!

This is the dream of the Koch Brothers and the Republican Party, to return to this... it started with right to work laws, then Union busting in Wisconsin, next comes doing away with the minimum wage followed later by repealing child labor laws ! VOTE UNION

from Washington Post

This graph is the best argument for raising the minimum wage

"If I went to work in a factory, the first thing I'd do would be to join a union." - Franklin D. Roosevelt #1u #labor #unions