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Terri Gurrola-- Thank you for your sacrifice. Thank you for your service to our country. May your family be blessed.

This is Corporal Sandy Levit. She was recently killed in action in Afghanistan when she tried to rescue a wounded ranger pinned down by insurgents. She didn't hesitate when she tried to save his life. She believed that his life was more valuable than hers and put herself in immediate danger. Acts of heroism and brotherhood are what society needs.

US soldier Specialist Collin Rand from the Charlie Company, 2-87 Infantry, 3rd Brigade Combat Team plays with Afghan children (8th August 2011/Getty)

This is so sweet! Brings a smile to my lips, a tear to my eyes, and a prayer to my heart for this soldier's safety and quick return.

Soldiers coming home You will never understand this unless you've been a part of a military family

Still Blonde After All These Yearsfrom Still Blonde After All These Years

flag Day Quotes and Images

I absolutely love this picture. I can't explain why, but just everything about it makes it kind of dusty in here....

we love our Soldiers! I was 19 when my dad went and came back from Iraq...this is how I picture myself when he came back. Forever Daddy's little girl!

"The most powerful ability of super heroes lies not in their strength but in their humanity. Our service men and women are still very human." Oh, god, this is so cute.


No one had the heart to pull her away

This made me cry