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The world on an orange - great way for older kids to see the distortion in flat maps!

The foreign terms that can't be translated to English

The foreign terms that can't be translated to English

In Indonesia, people are Jayus if they laugh at a joke that is so unfunny and poor that one cannot help but laugh and in Italy people use coasters to ensure they don't leave a Culaccino on the coffee table - a wet ring where the glass has been


Geography project idea - Make a model river

Ikea Lamp Hack - Rismon Map Lampshade

Decoupage your favourite maps onto a Rismon lamp, for a great Ikea lamp hack.

Water movement experiment! When talking about the parts of a leaf, introduce this activity to help children visualize what the parts do!

Skeleton Typogram By Aaron Kuehn

FREE Printable Continents book for kids perfect for geography for homeschool, kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade - includes both blank maps and labeled maps

Map Skills Battleship Game

Map Skills Battleship Game My students were having a hard time with longitude and latitude. They could not really judge the halfway points between the longitude or latitude lines provided on printed maps and they could not visualize the idea of the coordinates and the fact that the two numbers together made a target on the location we were trying to identify. I compared longitude and latitude lines to a game of Battleship and suddenly lightbulbs went on! I adapted a United States map to…

Academic versus emotional words in writing

Academic versus emotional words in writing