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Pug Vader, lord of the bark side. LOL

Bark Vader // The Force is strong with this one ~ Dog Halloween Costume ~ Star Wars ~ Darth Vader

There are no bad days when you come home to a pug.

Look at this Zulily find! Black Pug Typography Wall Art by PetPictures

sgattig hondje

Pug Hearts He may be a little early for Valentine’s day, but I still love you anyway!

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care

When the uber driver is sketchy but everyone's too tired to care Yjis is a great picture

New years dog pictures | happy new year - Dog Pictures

Happy New Year! Let the sorrows be out and happiness be in, slowly and steadily and lets rejoice the New Year begin with a wonderful celebration! Happy New Year 2013 everyone!


❤️pugs pugs a adorable animal the more you stair the more you WANT

It's Puss in Boots in really life :p He's so cute!

22 Funny Cat Pictures with Captions That Will Always Cheer You Up

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Traditionally, historians tended to think that ancient Egypt was the site of cat domestication, owing to the clear depictions of house cats in Egyptian paintings about 3,600 years old. Today, many of these cats are learning how to surf the web, play Facebook games and what not, as these pictures prove.

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