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INFOGRAPHIC~ 20 Inspiring Quotes from Children's Books

Our hoodie has your sentiments for the most important character in the movie covered. Cozy cotton/poly blend and a unisex fit reads: "I don't care who dies in a movie, as long as the dog lives."

10 Interesting Facts about Miniature Schnauzer. My baby Rascals looked like this a bit


Yes, it's spelled wrong but still true ;) "19 Problems Only Book Nerds Understand | Buzzfeed."

Be stubborn about your goals but flexible about your methods #truth

This little guy is ready for the winter! #puppies #dogfordog



treat yourself like you would a small child.

I think this is what i truly needed. I have to remember that I blog because I want people to be inspired to build their own personal style with my help. If I can help people with that objective in mind, I'll won't have a reason to fish for applause. It will be given to those who deserve it! Good day everyone! Happy April!

Very good advice

Never lose hope... // you never know what tomorrow will bring!

oscar wilde


I like that!

Books are the best weapons in the world! - Dr. Who. - I'm pinning this only because it is my favorite doctor who quote. Actually, it's 10's quote, and it's The Doctor, not Doctor Who, and NOT Dr. Who. It's just "The Doctor."


there is no such thing as ready. there is only now. YES!!!

ALICE IN WONDERLAND & The Mad Hatter "Have I Gone Mad?" - Printable Digital Downloadable Poster Quote Typography Quotation on Etsy, $5.00


If you wouldn't write it and sign it --- don't say it!