Stockholm Library

Kansas City Public Library. I think every public library should be this inspiring..I have got to see this!

Stockholm public library

Books books books books!

10 Reasons Why Book Nerds Do It Better

New #library #German style

Helsinki Central Library | AAKAA & MARS Architectes | Bustler

Abandoned places that look truly beautiful / Photographer Richard Gubbels out of Utrecht, Netherlands shot these amazing photos inside the cooling tower of an abandoned power plant.

Beautiful library!

Coffee Books & Rain Pillow. needs to say Cats, Books & Rain.

Considered one of the most beautiful libraries - The Lello Library in Porto, PORTUGAL

Kansas City Library


Yet another library

Southfield, Michigan Public Library - AMAZING Children's Section!

beautiful law library. except the chairs. need some comfy chairs in there.

dream house will have a big library like in avatar the last airbender in the episode with the giant black owl whose voice is the guy who plays joe in princess diaries because i forgot his name

book love

Salamanca Library, Spain