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3 CrossFit Workouts You Can Do Without the Box

Exercise tips to promote fitness and a healthier body. Presbyterian Medical Services (PMS), a New Mexico nonprofit organization, offers diverse services including primary care, dental, behavioral health, childhood education, home care, hospice and senior programs. Our purpose is you! Visit for more information.

Are you able to do pull ups on your own? #Fitness #Goal #Workout #Exercise #Health #Wellness #Body #Flexibility #Strength #Muscle #Strong

BRIT’S LIST OF HEALTHY HABITS – MY FIERCE FORMULA… 0 – Hours of television 1 – Hour of exercise 2 – Liters of water 3 – Cups of hot green tea 4 – Short mental breaks 5 – Small meals 6 – AM wake up time 7 – Minutes of laughter 8 – Hours of sleep (at least) 9 – PM end of the day and off to bed 10 – Prayers of gratitude (list 10 things you’re thankful for)

Come check out CrossFit tonight! Meet us at 6 pm in front of the leasing office for a free class! Great quote for Crossfit lovers "Most will go their entire life and not understand this feeling."

El calor en el gimnasio no es un problema con las chicas del gym

As someone who lifts (like Olympic lifts) I really feel like this picture looks real. Like if you lift and run this is the actual result* very inspiring to see a more natural gym pin on Pinterest