“ There’s rivalry between the Harry Potter fans and the Twilight fans. And Twilight fans think they’re much cooler than the Harry Potter fans. And I’m like, I dunno why, they’d all get their ass kicked by the Doctor Who fans." -Matt Smith

This is a Harry Potter/Dr. Who crossover with David Tennant. Coincidence???

I was so conflicted about which board to put this on...my Harry Potter one or the Doctor Who one :(

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Matt Smith on seeing David Tennant at a party, HAHA

harry potter inspired hooded sweatshirt pullover. This is adorable

Is Amy shocked by the concept that she's the Doctor's mother-in-law or the fact that she tried to... let's say snog, her son-in-law?

Harry Potter Hogwarts Watercolor Art 1

Just as the BBC promised, here's a video of Matt Smith and David Tennant talking about what it's like to be the Doctor and teasing about the 50th anniversary special.

The doctor is everywhere! That is so cool!!! :)

Potter meets Who: Harry & the Doctor

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All the cries

Is it just me or is Nine the only one here who seems to be able to put a logical thought together?

Yeah, pretty accurate. #DoctorWho #MattSmith #EleventhDoctor

Steven Moffat on the Doctor's name. He's pure evil. Matt Smith is one of us!!! he wants to know as badly as we do

For the doctor who fans ;P you'll get it!

“The Doctor’s message seems to be accept life in all its forms. He doesn’t react with horror when he sees a blue, three-headed monster. He reacts with wonder, and I think that’s a very important message to send out to children.” - Christopher Eccleston yet another reason why Eccleston is my favorite doctor! <3

This is undeniably my favorite line by the tenth Doctor! I tear up every time I read or hear it! Even just thinking about it makes my eyes swell!

JC: “This looks like it's all real, but it's really all CGI; (Matt in the background: “I apologize if I hit anyone!”) He can't kick a ball to save his life, so this all looks real, but it's green screen, the ball isnt even really there." - James Corden on Matt Smith playing football is at 4:27 seconds and my faaavorite part of this FULL OUTTAKES compilation from Doctor Who season 5!

Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Win