“ There’s rivalry between the Harry Potter fans and the Twilight fans. And Twilight fans think they’re much cooler than the Harry Potter fans. And I’m like, I dunno why, they’d all get their ass kicked by the Doctor Who fans." -Matt Smith

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This is a Harry Potter/Dr. Who crossover with David Tennant. Coincidence???

Harry Potter Vs Twilight

Doctor Who/Harry Potter

The doctor is everywhere! That is so cool!!! :)

Doctor Who + Harry Potter = Awesomeness

The Doctor. :)

Best. Line. Ever. about The Doctor.

Harry Potter Hogwarts Watercolor Art 1

Yes. They nailed it. This is why I love Matt Smith and will miss him so much.

Love it


The doctor is wise !!! and Matt Smith did an amazing job as eleven

Ninth Doctor

Doctor Who

The Doctor and Rose

Even as a baby, River was not a fan of the Doctor's fashion sense

Not such a good idea...

harry potter

Vincent and the Doctor. I teared up hear ;3;