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Street Style - What To Wear Shopping, Vintage, Fashion

Where do we begin with this chic, coordinated couple? First off, we desperately want that hat. And, the oversized denim jacket. And, those white pants. And, fine, we'll take the baby blue, striped shirt.

Fleurjedye, 21 “There’s never a day you’ll catch me with jeans and a t-shirt on. I don’t own any pair of sneakers. I love to wear comfortable stretchy materials that have great texture. Everything I have on today is thrifted except the accessories.” Nov 11, 2014 ∙ Downtown

50 Stylish Winter Outfits to Copy Now

Shisi, 25“Black is the main color in my wardrobe. I like Japanese and Belgian designers like Yohji Yamamoto and Ann Demeulemeester. Now I’m wearing a hat and a coat from Urban Outfitters, a sweater from Barney’s, Tod’s shoes and a Cos bag.”Jan 24, 2015 ∙ The Mission

Boots of the season to me are beyond doubt the knee-lenght, ankle boots in all their glory, the longer boots have finally come out on top. If winter