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If you've seen these great "street" art pieces and were wondering how the artist did them, here you go :)

Hyperrealistic street artworks of women that appear to be submerged in water created by street artist/surfer Sean Yoro a.

French painter Hubert De Lartigue makes wonderful realistic paintings of women’s mouths, lips, smiles. Lips are drawn with many details, even the slightest brilliance and creases. A selection of his work full of sensuality is available in images.

Lips And Mouth Realistic Paintings

Softly changing

A twig with green and yellow leaves is glowing like a lighthouse in the foggy fall forest. "Green Lighthouse II" by David Pinzer

Sung Jin Kim art

Rite of Spring by Brian Ziff

Sung Jin Kim - By the looks of his photorealistic painting portfolio, Korean artist Sung Jin Kim seems captivated by pouty lips. Capturing the pure sensuality a.

Very sexy in an abstract kinda way.

This dark burgundy color is all the rage this fall, from lips to nails to head to toe attire. A burgundy/garnet/maroon .

Sung Jin Kim is a photo-realistic Korean artist specialized in lip paintings. The paintings are amazingly photo-realistic and are often called “seductive”. His subject for paintings is unique and really interesting. He is one among the best Korean artists and his works are exhibited at different parts of the world.

Sung Jin Kim is a photo-realistic Korean artist specialized in lip paintings…