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    • Marloe Merideth

      Breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, supper, and dinner. I also like "second dinner" and "midnight snack." LOTR.

    • cat of sorrow

      Those hobbits sure know their stuff. -- But what about late night snack?

    • Dawn Geiser

      Hobbit eating schedule!! (i'm pretty certain these are my eating habits)

    • Hobbit Fan

      Un menu da Hobbit #LoHobbit #DesolazionediSmaug #TheHobbit #Hobbit

    • Hannah Richason

      I really don't see a difference between the hobbit meal plan and my own... :)

    • Timothy Artus

      Hobbit eating schedule :) Breakfast Second Breakfast Elevensies Lunch Afternoon Tea Supper Dinner #hobbit

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