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Oh my god I would be in heaven!  I don't think I would ever come out!

two story closet, what girl wouldn't want this! I will more than likely not get this but still. A girl can dream :-)

Two Story Closet....

Two-Story Closet! (A bit more than my one-story dressing room, but maybe I can get some design inspiration anyway.) Two-Story Closet!

I would actually love it if my future house has these stairs. - http://www.homedecoras.net/i-would-actually-love-it-if-my-future-house-has-these-stairs

Spiral staircase to multiple floor levels (looks like it would save some floor space). I freaking LOVE spiral staircases!

Transitional Closet by Cullum Homes and  Renovations

MBR Closet Design Soft Transitional Model - transitional - Closet - Phoenix - Cullum Homes and Renovations

Can this be my closet? omg!

Brandon: THIS is exactlyyy the closet that I am going to NEED in our house one day. This is the one thing for our future house that is non-negotiable haha I neeeeed my huge, walk-in closet :P Love, Alyssa

Love the curve of the balcony and stairs!  Love the color!

This group of photos will help you with Foyer Design Ideas. Seize the space you have for your foyer and choose from this collection what suits the colors and style of your house.

For the love of closets!  "Any closet is a walk-in closet if you try hard enough." - Steve Connelly  Walk-in closet have always been a luxury symbol and statement. Apart from being a functional room, a closet can also be a stylish addition to your home, with a roomy and exquisite décor. It is important that they offer good space and storage, so all your clothes and accessories are organized and easily accessible.  Here are some beautiful walk-in closets with different styles to get you…

Lisa Adams Closet Design - a Los Angeles-based, luxury closet customization service can give your current closet a complete makeover.

Wrap around porch - my dream by beatriz

I love this deep porch with the beautiful wood floor and ceiling. Oh, to live in a place where I could enjoy a porch like this!

Love! I love wide open spaces! (but not wasted space! there IS a difference!!!)

Wide open space (lots of room for accent furniture), beautiful staircase. what a gorgeous entrance hall! when i marry a rich man this is what our house will look like

h o m e . s w e e t . h o m e

Ooh, I love the circular space giving more room in the reading nook. "Little library nook. This is the best idea ever!