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Gorgeous multicolored "dry" water marbling with purple, pink, gold and silver (using a ziploc bag)

This was fun to do with my daughter, though it got a bit messy! Not sure how it happened but, I even had polish on my elbows! Lol! I give this pin two thumbs up!

Marble DIY: Drop nail polish color into water, add drop of another polish color in the middle of the first drop..add a third drop in the middle. Use a toothpick or pen to draw and swirl the polish into a pattern. Put a cut up piece of plastic(ziplock bag) onto polish until covered with swirl. Pull plastic out and let dry. Peel off plastic on nails that are prepped with base coat...

Dry water marble technique tutorial from More Nail Polish

Check out this tutorial by Polish and Pearls to perfect the water marble technique. If it's too tricky and time consuming for all ten, we suggest having one accent marble nail :)

Marbling your nails without water

I do my finger nails never, but what a cool idea! Maybe I could dip my toes.

MESSY, BUT COOL: Water marbling. MUST do on top of a thick hand towel, as the nail polish ate through the paint of my ding room table, and the acetone also left marks on it. Use a base color to make the marbling pop more, but can be done without base coat. Takes a lot of tape and nail polish drops; next time try smaller cup (like child's cup size). Very pretty!!!

dry marbling - like water marbling but without the giant mess