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Dylan Obrien ahh! hes gonna play Thomas in The Maze Runner and hes on Teen Wolf

Dylan O'Brien (Stiles Stilinski) My favorite character in Teen Wolf

Dylan OBrien: if only i could just like thsi picture over and over again

16 Reasons Dylan O'Brien Is The Dork Of Your Dreams - BuzzFeed Mobile

holy flipping shit. it's Dylan o'Brien

…and incredibly goofy. | 17 Reasons You Can’t Stop Watching “Teen Wolf”

Dylan OBrien - What A Hottie! Only Reason I Watch Teen Wolf(: Check out the website for more

Nick Posey(Dylan O'Brien)- First born in 1910 Nick Posey fought in World War II. He discharged with full honors and married a nurse he met during the war. They had two children and lived full lives. He died in 1990 just two months before his son was shot in The Gulf War. This is his second life and Laura is a savior to him. The confusion he felt as he started to remember his past life was overwhelming and with out her he wouldn't have made it through. ©Mary Tessmann