Branches of Government Project #homeschool

FREE Branches of Government Card Sort-These task cards will reinforce the concept of the three branches of government!

Project for the 3 Branches of Government


She provided each student with the criteria for the project, assigned them a chapter from the math book and let them “have at it."/// What a great idea!!!

Free Government Foldables!

make a tree to show the three branches of government..with pics

parents trace silhouettes of the students, and then they filled it with words that described themselves from magazines. I'd love to do this for an end of the year project. Maybe they could even find words to describe each other! Go check out her blog by clicking here. If you want to check out this post specifically, click here. You should follow her too so you can keep up with her great ideas!

Students read facts about the government, written on leaf shapes. They sort the facts based on the government branch described, and glue each leaf to the correct branch of a tree they create.

Me puzzle- first week of school project

Our Local Government Anchor Chart

MLK Crayon Box that Talked “The Crayon Box That Talked”, about a box of crayons that didn't get along because the colors do not like each other. crayons learn that all the colors are important and then they all get along. Reading this story and talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. students can make their own crayon and together they make a box full of lots of different colors!

Biography Newspaper Project!! This teacher has her entire unit plus the standards based grading rubric on herTPT store for FREE.

Matchbook Chapter Summaries for Novel Studies. This project is so simple, and you can do it with any novel. This example is for Where the Red Fern Grows.

100+ Google Tricks for Teachers It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer?

set up a 'crime scene'-students draw inferences, writing project, and/or do some related forensic science experiments

I am in love with how this teacher uses visuals to create her lesson plans. She places pictures of each idea into her table as a quick reference. It is the same picture that she has on her Pinterest board so she can easily access the link for a refresher.

Flocabulary - Three Branches of Government song + video with lyrics.

This poster can be used to create a snapshot of a person's life after a biography research project is complete. After students research someone ...

Branches of Government