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Victoria's Secret bras, when properly sized are the most comfortable bras.

Just girly things. Especially these Pinterest nails designs. I think I've failed more than any other girl alive

Forget nail designs, I fail at simply painting my nails one solid color!

What's your secret? Take a test on how much you know pretty little liars. I got: 8 out of 8!

How Well Do You Know The "Pretty Little Liars" Theme Song?

make me tan

I do don't fake tans. And I have this great sunscreen that gets the perfect tan in day!

I'm a lot cooler on the internet. ♡ #JustGirlyThings

I'm so wierdly awkward at school. But I dont want real life people to see me like this.

Just girly things

Yes it is I really like people who set themselves apart from the crowd.