Sunflower heart

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Is this a malformed blanket flower or is it Perfectly formed?" An educated heart knows the answer.

reusing old horse shoes - Google Search

Old horseshoes made into hearts and hung love this. (What a great wedding gift this would be, especially if the people loved horses. Horseshoes have been said to be good luck. Wedding or no wedding, this is beautiful!

Heart Reflection  post on 8/19/2016

To take a hot air balloon ride. In a heart shaped balloon. On Valentine's Day.

재활용 소재 그림 : 네이버캐스트

Fun with repurposed buttons! Spectacular Rainbow Button Art by Karen Hurley - My Modern Metropolis

Это прекрасный мир!

Thank you Rae for the beautiful autumn day at the beach! You ladies made Friendship Lane beautiful today but who would expect anything else!


I had told everyone we would have heart-shaped clouds in the sky the day of the wedding. I didn't see any, but we had a gorgeous full moon! I'm sure there were heart-shaped clouds, we just weren't looking up at the right time.