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“EASTERN EUROPEAN/BALTIC MYTHOLOGY MEME > slavic gods and goddesses [7/9]: veles” Veles is a major Slavic supernatural force of earth, waters and the underworld, associated with dragons, cattle, magic, musicians, wealth and trickery. He is the...

PATROCLUS WAS A CELEBRATED FRIEND OF ACHILLES. When yet a boy Patroclus, during a game of dice, involuntarily slew Clysonymus, a son of Amphidamas, and in consequence of this accident Patroclus was taken by his father to Peleus at Phthia, where he was educated together with Achilles.

THE BANSHEE is a female spirit in Irish mythology, usually seen as an omen of death and a messenger from the underworld. In legend, a banshee is a fairy woman who begins to wail if someone is about to die. In Scottish Gaelic mythology, she is known as the bean sìth or bean-nighe and is seen washing the bloodstained clothes or armour of those who are about to die.