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  • Suha Xiuxiu

    Shel Silverstein shook the staid world of children's poetry in 1974 with the publication of this collection, and things haven't been the same since. More than four and a half million copies of Where the Sidewalk Ends have been sold, making it the bestselling children's poetry book ever. With this and his other poetry collections (A Light in the Attic and Falling Up), Silverstein reveals his genius for reaching kids with silly words and simple pen-and-ink drawings.

  • Renee Baker

    One of my favorite books from my childhood!

  • Ariyana S.

    I just bought Shel Silverstein books at Costco. So many good memories from my childhood.

  • Susan Torregrossa

    My fave childhood book...

  • Sarah

    One of my childhood favorites!

  • Write Now! Coach

    Where the Sidewalk Ends--one of my favorite children's books.

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I read this book so many times when I was little. I loved Shel Silverstein and remember writing him letters when I was in 2nd grade to see if he'd put my poems in his books. lol.

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