how to make a chevron pattern in photoshop

Create chevron pattern on PS

BEST chevron template EVER!! You enter in measurements and it figures everything for you!! Genius!

Fun Photoshop tutorial that replaces color with words.

flax & twine: DIY Photo Light Box - A Finish Fifty Project - You're creative, you create new things every day, you sell them, want to show them... but you... need better photos. So you need a Light Box (everyone needs one). :) #craft #DIY #lightbox #photography

make glitter text step 2

Free Photoshop shapes w/permission to use commercially.

College Prep: Chevron Stripes in Photoshop

PS cheat sheet.

Free chevron stripes -- Photoshop patterns

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Chevron Pattern Printables Template!! I SO would have loved to have this for a few projects I did. I will be using this from now on.

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