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    • Adam Croxton

      Black Jack.

    • Ron Grant play at online blackjack and win interesting welcome bonuses.

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    YESSS I WANT TO DO THISSS!! Rent a glass igloo in Finland to sleep under the northern lights.

    Because two people fell in love.

    Give away free hugs

    Run a marathon

    Go back to Kenya and see my babies!

    Fire-walk in Fiji and India

    Learn sign language

    Live in a tree house

    Set foot in every ocean in the world

    Fold 1,000 origami cranes

    Write anonymous letters to the people that have helped me and made an impact in my life and may not know it

    Forgive someone that has hurt me beyond repair

    Take my kids the the park in the rain and swing on the swings

    Take dance lessons

    Discover my life's purpose

    Play a game of Black Jack in Las Vegas (and win obviously!)

    Give birth naturally

    See the Northern Lights

    Ride a Camel in the desert

    Apply/Go on The Amazing Race (And when I win make-out with Phil!)

    Meet an Elephant face to face

    Go Skiing, even if I'm in the children's lessons and only go down the bunny hills!

    Have my own little family (or large family!)

    Kiss a stranger

    Go rafting in the Grand Canyon